A bloatfly
Variants Legendary Bloatfly
Location Capital Wasteland,Mojave Wasteland, Big Mountain
Appearances Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

Bloatflies are hostile Arthropods, found in the throughout the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland.




Bloatfly (Fallout: New Vegas)Edit

Health DR DT Attacks/Abilities Loot
15 0 0%

Melee: 7 DMG

Bloatfly Meat

Upon death the Bloatfly grants 10 Experience points.

Legendary BloatflyEdit

See the page Legendary Bloatfly for details


Weapon EfficiencyEdit

The most efficient weapons, based upon required shots to kill and damage overhead, for defeating the Bloatfly are as follows (Note: Damage is based on the minimum skill requirement of that weapon being met):


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Pistol 9mm Pistol 1 1
Rifle Service Rifle 1 3
SMG Vance's 9mm SMG 1 2
Shotgun Caravan Shotgun 1 30
Heavy-WP K9000 Cyberdog Gun 1 11

Energy WeaponsEdit

Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Pistol Recharger Pistol 1 3
Rifle Laser RCW 1 0
Heavy-WP Sprtel-Wood 9700 1 1


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Projectile 25mm Grenade APW 1 37
Thrown Flash Bang 1 1
Placed Pulse Mine 2 7


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Bladed Combat Knife 1 0
Blunt Tire Iron 1 0
Thrown Throwing Knife 1 0


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
- Brass Knuckles 1 3

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